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Mastering Winter White: Pro Tips and Essential Decor for Your Home!

Embrace the elegance and beauty of winter whites! 🕊️🌲

This month, we curated a Winter Wonderland right here in our studio, starting with the centerpiece of the season - our office Christmas tree. Our Christmas tree is a testament to the timeless and luxurious beauty of winter whites. Adorned with a curated selection from Target, West Elm, Amazon, and World Market, each piece reflects the sophistication that comes with decorating in this classic color palette. The enchantment doesn't stop at the tree! Explore our curated collection of winter whites, from festive tree decor to stunning home items below!

Pro Tip for Tree Perfection: Elevate your tree game with our insider tip - layering different types of lights for that extra dimension. It's the secret to creating a truly show-stopping centerpiece for your holiday celebrations.

Cheers to a season filled with style, sophistication, and the timeless allure of winter whites!


Warmest Wishes,

Chelsea and Lissette

Founders of Together Home Design Studio


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