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Our mission is simple: we want to bring people together through beautiful, functional interiors.


We know that means something different to everyone, and with that in mind, we have skirted traditional style genres and focused instead on helping our clients create something that is as easy to live in as it is to look at. 

We thoughtfully developed our services with your unique needs in mind. We don't design for us, we design for you. Whether you only need a few conversation-starting pieces or you need a partner for a full-scale renovation, we want to help you create your ideal home. 

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Full Service Design

Our most comprehensive offering, full-service design is for clients planning an upcoming renovation or new home build.


We partner with you, your architect and general contractor to ensure your home is a beautifully crafted, deliberately designed and well-appointed home, inside and out.

Since no two projects are the same, please reach out to us through by clicking on our Inquiry form below. We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your needs and the design process in more detail.

Furnishings Design 

This service is ideal for clients who are not looking to do any significant construction or renovation, but would like a beautiful and well-appointed home that suit their life, family and style.


We will recommend all furnishings, window and wall treatments, decorative lighting and decor. We will also manage all purchasing, receiving, delivery, storage and installation of all of your furnishings so that your home is styled to perfection when complete.

Bespoke Styling

This service is ideal for clients who have a furnished space, but feel the space is incomplete. You want to add the interest, warmth, and depth that makes a home look and feel professionally-designed.


We will provide thoughtful recommendations that will make your home feel cohesive, elevated, and comfortable and look forward to learning more about your project soon. 

Design Services


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